AutoCAD For Site Engineers

Access for 12 months


What you'll get:

  • Open and save files in AutoCAD formats
  • Change drawings settings (units, coordinate systems, decimal precision etc)
  • Check and amend corrupt files
  • Remove all unused items to reduce file size.
  • Merge two AutoCAD models
  • Change drawing settings (grid, ortho, polar tracking, object snap, scale etc)
  • Create, edit and delete layers
  • Use basic CAD tools (lines, arcs, shapes)
  • Transform local coordinates to global coordinates
  • Import and georeference external files such as PDF’s and images
  • Bind images
  • Use layers to isolate relevant information and check items are on correct layer.
  • Use general CAD tools (Move, rotate, scale, copy etc)
  • Use advanced CAD tools (Mirror, offset, chamfer, trim, array, extend etc)
  • Change the size and appearance of points
  • Create, edit and delete hatching styles
  • Create, edit and delete super-hatching styles
  • Calculate drawing measurements (distance, radii, diameter, area and volume)
  • Create, edit and delete text objects
  • Align text to objects and curves
  • Automatically number text
  • Enclose text into shapes
  • Create, edit, insert and delete dimensions and leaders
  • Convert multiple lines into one single polyline
  • Create points along a line (by distance or number of segments)
  • Extract point information (ie coordinates) into a tabular format
  • Import excel information (points and lines)
  • Create, edit and delete groups
  • Create, edit and delete blocks
  • Create, edit and insert dynamic blocks (annotate coordinates etc)
  • Create block visibilities
  • Create a company drawing template
  • Change settings to always open AutoCAD using your company templates
  • Create, edit and delete viewports
  • Create sheet sets (varying paper sizes of company templates)
  • Compare changes between drawing revisions
  • Associate drawing objects with hyperlinks
  • Create, insert and delete revision clouds



£340.00 GBP

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