n4ce For Site Engineers

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What you'll get:

  • How to Import A CSV Files
  • Use Code Tables
  • Edit Feature Codes
  • Size Features
  • Change Features
  • Add Attribute Information
  • Add Text
  • Change Text Height
  • Measure Distances
  • Import DXF Data
  • Isolate Information Using Layers
  • Generate Points and Lines From DXF Data
  • Create A 3D Model From 2D DXF Data
  • Create a Surface (DTM)
  • Edit Triangles on A Surface Model
  • Add A Shape To An Unidentified Observation
  • Draw and Delete Lines
  • Move Height Annotation 
  • Delete Points
  • Insert A Feature
  • Calculate the Volume Of Material In A Stockpile
  • Calculate The Volume Of Material Between Two Models 
  • Calculate the Volume of Material To A Datum
  • View A Section 
  • Create A Cut/Fill Heat Map 
  • Tabulate Data
  • Insert A Legend
  • Create Chainages
  • Offset Lines and Points (For Setting Out Models)
  • Export Points to A CSV file
  • Create A Level Difference Model (Isopachyte)
  • Create A Contour Model
  • Annotate Contours
  • Change Point Heights
  • Create Points Along The Cut/Fill Line (For Setting Out Models)
  • Add An Image
  • Design An Excavation
  • Merge Two Models
  • Add Construction Depths
  • Add Material Textures
  • Create and Plot A Drawing
  • Use Partitions

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