Oct 16, 2023

Setting Out correctly isn’t just a necessary step in construction but absolutely critical to ensure the safety, success, and efficiency of a project. But what happens when Site Engineers make mistakes? The repercussions of incorrect Setting Out doesn’t just impact the construction phase but also the long-term integrity of a structure – leading to potential costs and legal problems for construction companies.

Here are some of the potential results of incorrect Setting Out:

  • Cost Overruns: Correcting mistakes is costly and may require additional materials, labour, and time. This can result in significant unplanned expenses, pushing a project well over its budget.
  • Delayed Timelines: Discovering discrepancies part-way through construction can halt progress as construction companies and their contractors scramble to correct the issue. Delays can cause cascading effects, impacting every stage of the construction schedule and, of course, delaying completion and potentially also causing cash-flow issues.
  • Legal Complications: It’s not just the minor legal issues that can come about – such as boundary disputes, getting the Site Engineering wrong on site can lead to serious health and safety violations – or, much worse – accidents that your organisation is held accountable for!
  • Environmental Impact: Incorrectly surveying natural features and drainage patterns can lead to environmental challenges, such as erosion, flooding, or negative impacts on local ecosystems.
  • Structural Failures: The most concerning result of poor setting out is the potential for structural instability. Misalignment and faulty foundation placements can lead to weaknesses that jeopardize a structure’s safety and longevity.
  • Loss of Reputation: For construction firms, developers, and surveying companies, a project gone awry due to poor Setting Out damages reputations, eroding trust with clients and stakeholders.

In the world of construction, accurate setting out is not just a starting point but the foundation upon which everything else rests. The ripple effects of potential mistakes by Site Engineers underscores the importance of meticulous, expert Setting Out. As the saying goes, “Measure twice, cut once.” In the realm of construction, accurate measurements can mean the difference between a lasting legacy and a costly lesson.

This is why good Site Engineers are the unsung heroes and worth their weight in gold. Yet they don’t always get the support, recognition or training that they need. At Setting Out For Construction, we believe passionately in raising the profile and understanding of the importance of Site Engineers, as well as giving them the support and training that they need – whatever the stage of their career. That is why we launched our SOFC membership site this year, which gives your Site Engineers access to support calls, a support form, all of our e-learning courses and discounts on our book and all of our training. There is also a jobs board and support from us to help you find the right Site Engineer for your needs.

You can also utilise our practical courses to help your Site Engineers, whether they just need a refresher on the fundamentals, need specific training on the latest technology to speed up workflows, or need to learn how to use the latest software,

You can also help make sure that your Site Engineers get it right from the start by using our five-day Setting Out For Construction course. This course is suitable for both junior Engineers and any of your employees who want to move into Site Engineering.

We offer in-house training for four or more delegates and have framework agreements for all of your Site Engineering training needs.

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